The PLUS Club members no nonsense privacy & usage policy

We think your privacy is important, as is ours. So we will not share any of our members data to third parties under any circumstance, except - of course - with the places you make a booking.


Personal information

We store the following personal information:

  • Your name

  • Your email address

  • Your phone number

These are used everytime you make a booking and then (and only then) are shared with the place you make a booking at, so you can be sure they will know about it. We also ask for a picture because we think it’s nice if people recognize you when you walk in - but this is optional.

We also store your current location if you give us this permission, to find places you can book near you and to allow your nearby favourites to send you special offers. We don’t keep a history of location data in any way.

Furthermore, we keep a history of bookings and ratings you give. We use this to give you better recommendations in the future. Upon request we will remove this data, however we will then be unable to give you personalised recommendations. Ratings may be shared with the concerned merchant, but only after they are anonymised.



We use cookies for two reasons only:

  • To keep track of a session (2 cookies). Without a session cookie, we cannot know you’re the same person after clicking to a next screen, so we cannot handle a booking or show you a confirmation. That would not be fun.

  • To save your language choice for a next visit (1 cookie)

  • To make use of Google analytics, which gives us nice charts on visitors etc. You’re free to block these, it will not affect site operation. (3 cookies)


E-mail and notifications

We will send you an email and a notification whenever you make a booking to confirm it. If your booking is far into the future, we will also send a reminder shortly before your booking.

We may also send you our newsletter if you agreed to this, and in this case we will also send you special promotions from our restaurants we think you may be interested in because we think you will like them. The process we use is simple: when you receive a promotion, you can either book it, close it or chose never to receive promotions from the concerned restaurant.

We aim to give you the best culinary experience with the least fuss. We’re confident our system will pick up with your personal preferences very quickly, and you’ll only get the messages you really don’t want to miss. We are open to suggestions, of course.


Additional provisions for the concierge service

By making use of the free concierge service, you agree to receive emails regarding your booking request, alternative suggestions and suggestions or promotions from the concierge or restaurants similar to the one you requested. You can stop this at any time by clicking the link provided in the respective emails. Note that this ends your free use of the concierge service, and you may require a new invitation to be able to use the Inner Circle concierge again.